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At the end of the 19th century Berlin was one of the largest town of tenements worldwide. In this time the architect Otto March concepted the Amalienpark and the adjoining housing area. The houses were constructed in the country style. Otto March wanted to help people with constraint financial means to get more pleasant living conditions.

The Amalienpark probably was named after the favorite sister of Frederic II, princess Anna Amalie.
A sculpture of here had been standing in the park area at the end of Second World War.

From the beginning the Amalienpark and its surroundings attracted many people. At times of the GDR the park was considered as insiders’ tip among artists and intellectuels. Christa Wolff for example changed her dwelling place  in 1976 and stayed at the Amalienpark until she died in 2011.

1990 the Cajewitz Foundation started to reconstruct the historical housing area „Amalienpark”. Ten years later the original structural condition was rebuilt. Today Amalienpark is seen as a place of highest living standard. Beside the beautiful architecture Amalienpark is an important cultural site.

The society „Kunst und Literatur Forum Amalienpark” runs her own gallery here where exhibitions of Modern Arts, lectures of known authors and film presentations take place regularly. The society is highly important for the cultural life in Old Pankow.

Gallery A in the same house is the most important gallery for selling contemporary art in Old Pankow.

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