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The Backfabrik is located in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg. It offers many companies a central place for their business. In the Clinker Lounge  an exciting cultural program is shown  regularly.  The program contains litterature evenings, concerts, festivals, fashion shows, film presentations and art fairs.

Many guests appreciate the special atmosphere of the Clinker Lounge which is due to its traditional industrial design combined with the modern equipment.

At times of the GDR the Clinker Lounge had been the place where the fabulous Moskow ice cream had been produced. This workshop only had been a small part of the baking factory. Until the turnaround in 1989 the factory supplied all East Berlin with bread and rolls.

Afterwards the factory had produced bakeries under the name Cityback. Since 1997 the baking machinery has stood still. Three years later the place was transformed into a “creative think factory” where more than thirty companies has worked enthusiastically on innovative concepts.

In the Backfabrik NOCTI VAGUS is located, the first dark restaurant of Berlin with its worldwide first dark theater. Many movie and TV stars as  Doris Dörrie and Rosa von Praunheim had been delighted guests of the place. NOCTI VAGUS is one of the premium culture partners of Visit Pankow.

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