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Bötzow Brewery

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The Bötzow Brewery was the largest privat brewery in Berlin until the middle of the 19th century. The top-fermented Berlin white beer had been brewed on a ground of more than 20 000 m².

The brewery had been appointed as court supplier already in the first productional year. The building complex is located on the former windmill hill at the Prenzlauer Allee. In former times the Bötzow Villa also was named “castle of the North”. Witnesses of that time described the brewery as that: “Its yellow fronts are shining mystically through the green of the surrounding trees”.

During the Second World War the buildings of the brewery had been destroyed partly, the beer garden disapeared completely. 1949 the work of the brewery came to an end. Since 1990 the complex is a protected monument.

Today the property is owned by the businessman  Hans Georg Näder of Ottobock Group. Under preservation of the historical structure he plans to build up a medical creative center. In the caves of the former brewery he intents to create an underground area of restaurants, boutiques and small shops along the lines of the projects in New York and London.


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