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Public Botanic Park Blankenfelde

Volkspark Blankenfelde © visit pankow!

The history of the park had begun in the year 1909. Alber Brodersen laid out the largest European school garden on a former sewage farm.

Today the park mainly fulfills a pedagogical intent. Tree species of different continents are exposed in the Arboretum and in the glasshouses. The singulary geological wall shows the Middle European earth layer and her various stone types.
Since 1995 the park is a protected area. At the entrance as expected the park is planted with colorful flowers and bushes, there are stone gardens and ponds. The further you go into the garden the more natural the plantation becomes until you reach an  overgrown small lake and grove.

Since 2011 the Grün Berlin GmbH works on the development and the organisation of the Public Botanic Park of Blankenfelde-Pankow. Often events take place which put the flora and fauna of the park into the point of view. The program contains guided botanical and ornithological tours, paint workshops, guided herb walks as well as children and youth events. The cafe inside one of the glasshouses of the park is avery popular place.

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