Sunday, 26. January 2020
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Brose House

Brosehaus Pankow © visit pankow!

The Brose House once was the house of Johann Gottfried Palm. He was a parish clerk at Old Pankow during the governance of Frederic II. At the beginning of the 19th century the banker Brose bought the gable house, the mansion and the surrounding park.

During the Second World War the mansion had been destroyed but the gable house remained largely intacte. Over decades the building became delapidated. Finally in the nineteen nineties the house had been reconstructed.

Today the circle of friends of Pankow Chronics e.V. has installed in the house. The society retrieves and documents the history of Old Pankow. They organise exhibitions, lectures and speeches in the Brose House. And they also offer guided historical tours through the Old Pankow.

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