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Rathaus-Pankow © visitpankow!


The name Pankow is derived from the river Panke at which shores the village Pankow was founded. The original Slavic field name was applied as village name. Old Pankow developped in the Middle Age around a green place and the old parish church which today is seen as the oldest monument

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Umspannwerk Wilhelmsruh 1925-27 von Hans Heinrich Müller für die BEWAG, Foto: Sekamor CC-BY-SA-3.0


Wilhelmsruh is a typical elegant residential area of Berlin which is surrounded by forest areas. In 1908 the Bergmann power plant was opened in Wilhelmsruh as an extension to the main factory in Berlin-Wedding. In the former GDR tram parts and steam turbines were produced among other things. The factory got an

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Tram Depot, Foto: Felix O, CC-BY-SA-2.0


Old villas and apartment houses dominate the view of Niederschönhausen. The Castle Schönhausen with its baroque park is found here, too. At times of GDR Niederschönhausen was a diplomat quarter. 24 embassy buildings were built up between Esplanade and Ibsenstraße around the Castle Schönhausen. Still today many of them are used

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Golf Ressort Berlin Pankow

Siedlung Malchow

Inside the borders of Berlin one get an impression of the life and spirit in Mark Brandenburg villages. A golf course and a nature reserve are interesting touristic destinations of that area. . Fields and fruit trees line the roads of Stadtrandsiedlung Malchow. It is one of the thinnest populated districts

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Dorfkirche, Foto: Sebastian Wallroth CC-BY-SA-3.0


Heinersdorf developped along a road about 1230. In 1231 it was mentionned in a document the first time. 1920 Heinersdorf was incorporated by the new district Pankow of Großberlin. The bolders church was errected in 1300 and several times enlarged. The 46 meters high water tower was built 1919. It was

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Cafe am Prenzlauer Berg © visit pankow!

Prenzlauer Berg

By its 150 000 inhabitants the quarter has the size of a bigger town. The particular atmosphere of the quarter of founding period is given by the lively and many-sided cultural szene, many pubs, cafes and restaurants. Kulturbrauerei, Mauerpark and Pfefferberg are the most popular touristic attractions. In the old centers of

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Gedenkstein © visit pankow!

Französisch Buchholz

Französisch-Buchholz was founded at 1230 around a village green. Its old buildings are the tavern and the church built from boulders. 1685 French huguenots settle down in the village and founded a French colony. 1750 the name Französisch-Buchholz officially was used for the village. Since 2004 the old center has been built

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NSG-Teichberg,Geschützter Landschaftsbestandteil "Karower Teichberg", Foto: Boonekamp


Since the 19th century Berlin is connected to the the Baltic Sea port Stettin by the Stettiner Bahn. The village Karow was located near the railway and got it own station in 1882. This construction strongly increased the development and the size of the village. Twenty six years later, in

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Volkspark Blankenfelde © visit pankow!


Blankenfelde was founded at the Bernauer Heerstraße one of the early trade routes between Spandau and Bernau. In the Late Middle Age a branch of the far trade route between Berlin and Prenzlau crossed the village of Blankenfelde and brought about high population grow. A lot of farmers got a

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Dorfkirche: Foto: Sebastian Wallroth CC-BY-3.0


Rosenthal was founded around a green in the Middle Age. The village church, the parish hall, the country house, the stall and the field workers caserne of the old center are protected historical buildings. The city hall is used today as a public building for children and youngsters named "Landhaus Berlin-Rosenthal". The

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