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University of Arts

Kunsthochschule Weissensee © visit pankow!

The University of Arts Berlin-Weissensee  is located in a former chocolate factory. To adapt the building to the needs of an art college it has been rebuilt from recycled ruin bricks.

The two artists Jürgen von Wyski and Toni Mau both former students of the college created the reliefs of the external front. The reliefs show the teached areas of the college.
The KHS Weissensee is a place to study carving, painting, fashion and product design, texile and surfase design and visual communication. Its today’s name “Kunsthochschule”  the college got 1990 when the union contract between East and West Germany has become effective and the GDR had been desolved.
Under the socialist regime up to 1969 the college had been named highschool of visual  and applied arts.

Famous artists had studied at this historical place among them Mark Lammert, Georg Baselitz, Rolf Biebl, Ellen Mäder-Gutz, Sigrid Kupetz and many other.

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