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Castle Park Buch

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The castle park Buch is a protected fauna and flora habitat with meadows and a colorful mixed forest. 14 bridges span the channels of the park among them the smallest bridge of Berlin.

The park has been concepted in the 17th century. Gerhard Bernhard Freiherr von Pölnitz laid out the park in the Dutch style accenting clear forms and straight lines. Channels and ponds dry out the swampy part of the garden.

The next owner, minister Adam Otto von Viereck, extended the park in the French baroque style. He built up an orangery where citron trees and palms grew. Viereck also integrated a labyrinthe and a pheasant house in the park.

1809 Hieronymos von Voß the dean of the cathedrale and son in law of Otto von Viereck extended the castle park in the English style.  In the next century the property had been nationalized. Since that time the park is open for visit to the public.

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