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Sunday Karaoke in the Berlin Wall Park

Karaoke im Mauerpark © visit pankow!

One of the big attraction of the Berlin Wall Park is the Bearpit Karaoke Show of Joe Hatchban. He himself writes about his show:

I am been using portable, battery-powered boxes to help people unleash their inner Rampensau, and barking good natured criticism in the break between the last singer and the next since early 2009.

These singers have been tracked down on my travels by bike all over the great city of Berlin. Either spontaneously in the street, or at Bar 25 (R.I.P.), or at the Berlin International Bierfest, or at the Long Night of the Museums, or at the occasional demonstration for a reasonably good cause, or even at the Christmas parties of one or two companies renowned for their very good taste.

But mostly I find them at the stone amphitheatre in Mauerpark on Sunday afternoons.

Weather permitting, I fetch up around 3 p.m. and invite anybody who so wishes to take the stage for a few minutes, and show those gathered there what they can do with a backing track and a microphone.

Bearpit singers nearly always get huge rounds of supportive applause, especially when they’re good, but also if they simply come across as nice people.

On Sunday, at 3 p.m. | In the amphitheatre of the Berlin Wall Park |bearpitkaraoke.com

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