Sunday, 26. January 2020
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Zeiss-Großplanetarium © visit pankow!

The Zeiss-Großplanetarium is one of the bigist planetariums in Germany. Its central unit is the projector “Cosmorama” of Carl Zeiss. Every day interesting events are organized here.

The aim of the planetarium is  to transfer astronomical knowledge and at the same time to entertain its guests. All presentations are framed by an artistic program including comedian, musical and esthetic elements. By this a visit in the Zeiss-Großplanetarium becomes a singulary experience that you will not forget a long time.
Regulary audio dramas are transmitted from here for example the Radio One Series “Hörspielkino unterm Sternenhimmel”. The planetarium is a highly attracting place. It is visited by 90 000 visitors every year.

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